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Three reasons why your hotel should work with free-loading bloggers - Dart PR
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why work with freeloading bloggers

Three reasons why your hotel should work with free-loading bloggers

A recent article in Adweek dubbed social media influencers one of “travel’s most essential marketing tools”. If you run a successful hotel, self-catering accommodation or holiday park the chances are that you’ll be approached by travel bloggers and influencers wanting to come and review your offering.  And if you view them as free-loaders like Irish hotelier Paul Stenson then you’re missing a trick. Here are three reasons why you should actively incorporate influencer marketing into traditional PR outreach.

Reach new audiences

As with a traditional media visit, one of the key reasons for working with travel influencers is to put your brand in front of new audiences.

Unlike with traditional media a blogger can sometimes be reaching smaller, more niche target audiences. This doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable. If you choose the right influencer, or “micro-influencer” (defined as everyday people with an authentic, more intimate following) to work with they will have engaged followers who view them as a trusted source. By coming to stay at your property and sharing personal stories around the experience an influencer can lend their credibility and advocacy to your brand in an incredibly powerful way.

Tin Box Traveller at Woodovis Park

Generate positive reviews

Most consumers will research and read peer reviews before booking a hotel stay. By inviting bloggers and influencers to come and review your accommodation you’re helping to creative positive, searchable content. Nowhere is this more impactful than with aspirational travel posts and pictures on social media.

In the Frow influencer trip hosted by Jet Airways and Taj Palaces and Resorts

In the Frow vlog on board Jet Airways

Typing “talland bay hotel review” into Google throws up the following across the first few pages, all from hosted press trips:

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Muddy Stilettos

Phat Cupcake

The Wordrobe

What’s more, you’ll tend to see a much quicker turn around than with traditional print media, where you can be waiting for months or even years to see your review published.

Provide multi-platform, reusable content

Good reviews are also worth promoting via your own channels to current and potential audiences, reinforcing why customers should come and stay at your property.

Wordrobe review shared on Talland Bay Hotel Facebook page

The coverage generated from influencer visits is usually not limited to just the one published review; they’ll also share content on their social media channels. Whether that’s Instagram stories or posts on YouTube and Facebook. By including your links and tags they can be sending receptive readers directly to your website as well as generating awareness.

Working with travel influencers is also a good way to generate searchable photo and video content for your property. If you build the right relationship they may even be receptive to your re-purposing this on your own channels (with the necessary credit).

Alex Gladwin youtube review Moorland Garden Hotel

Love it or loathe it, influencer marketing is here to stay for the foreseeable. Want to know more about choosing which travel influencers to collaborate with or not? Read my post on lining up successful blogger trips and my golden rules for working with bloggers.

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