St Helena Island

A UK Overseas Territory, St Helena is a remote, volcanic island in the South Atlantic Ocean. The rocky outcrop, famous as the place of Napoleon Bonaparte's exile and death, was only accessible via Royal Mail Ship until the completion of an airport in 2016.

  • Ad Spend
    £ 5500
  • Audience reached
  • Blog views
  • Cost per blog view
    14.9 p
  • New followers
    + 91 %

The Brief

With the imminent opening of the island’s first airport came a need to spread the message far and wide about the appeal of the world’s newest tourism destination accessible by air.

Our Solution

The island holds a loyal following amongst anyone who has ever visited and the diaspora of ‘Saints’. The next crucial step was to broaden awareness about St Helena’s unique proposition, from Napoleonic heritage to incredible flora and fauna, marine life, diving and hiking. Blogs extolling these highlights were written, uploaded on the Visit St Helena website and promoted to relevant, sometimes niche, audiences via the Facebook platform. As well as being shared with the island’s existing loyal fanbase.

Finally, significantly increasing the number of Facebook followers, capturing both website visitors and the people that engaged with video ads, ensured a receptive audience for promoting the airport news as it broke.


9-month campaign promoting weekly blogs and airport announcement posts – primarily targeting UK; South Africa; and France, with an underlaid interest in Napoleon.