El Camino

El Camino is the original travel bracelet, a way to wear memories from around the world. Countries, destinations and events are marked by stainless steel 'steps' representing the path the wearer has travelled.

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The Brief

The way the brand was communicating with its community needed to be brought in line with a refresh of the look and feel of the website. The tone of the El Camino website reflected the brand personality from when the company was first established – youthful and fun – but was failing to speak to the main target audience of women aged 45+.

Our Solution

The first step was to review the tone of content on the main landing pages with the goal of retaining the brand’s roots and maintaining integral SEO whilst conveying more authority.

This was complemented by creating a series of blog articles that shared the founders’ love of travel. The topics wanted to be useful and relevant to the El Camino community, with an underlying objective of reflecting the company’s top-selling destination products. And although the articles were being written by a third party they wanted above-all to be authentic, tapping into the founders’ own travels.



• Regular blog articles

“Sam’s love for travel alongside her knowledge and experience is very apparent in her writing, adding genuine passion to each piece. We’re always impressed by Sam’s ability to create such flowing, interesting and travel focused pieces that our readers look forward to each month,” Candace Kellough, founder El Camino.