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Top five awareness days and why you should be wary of them - Dart PR
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Top five awareness days and why you should be wary of them

There’s a national awareness day, week or month for pretty much everything. Used wisely they can provide great fodder for your PR and social media.  Here’s a list of some of the top ones for travel and hospitality businesses to be aware of this summer. And a few words of caution on the Dos and Don’ts of jumping on the awareness day bandwagon.

World Gin Day, 10 June

“A global celebration of all things in”, World Gin Day is not just about promoting different distillers.  On behalf of the Talland Bay Hotel in Cornwall we pitched their new G and High Tea offering to media, which features in The Cornish Guardian round-up of 17 amazing things you can’t miss in Cornwall this June.

On their Facebook page we promoted their new Gin Tasting Board.

Talland Bay G and High Tea features in Cornish Guardian


National Picnic Week, 16-25 June

Your picnic offering has to be something pretty special to make the grade when it comes to national media lists of the top spots. This London hotel featured in The Independent’s ‘five best hotels for a picnic’ even provides a butler.

National Picnic Week in The Independent


National Cream Tea Day, 30 June

Don’t be surprised if a “national” day doesn’t get picked up beyond the pages of the regional press. Clashing in 2016 with the EU Referendum, the PR brains behind this national day had to work particularly hard last year. Here’s an insight into how they fared, winning on social media despite the obvious challenge.

World Chocolate Day, 7 July

Not to be confused with the World Milk Chocolate Day on 28th July. This Metro article is a good example of a journalist using social media to source material for a story.

Chocolate day on Instagram courtesy of The Metro

Afternoon Tea Week, 14-20 August

This Evening Standard article sums up nicely how to make your offering stand out.

“One can, admittedly, take afternoon tea at any point during the year, but like any well-coordinated PR stunt, this week sees various special selections and oddball offerings available as the capital’s grandest hotels celebrate.”

National Awareness Days Dos

  • Approach your local paper, they may well be writing a round-up of what businesses are doing in the area
  • Take to social media, and use the relevant hashtag; that way journalists searching for ideas on the subject can easily find you. It’s a good idea to have your proposition on your website too to help with Google searches
  • Have a strong photograph, many round-ups are picture led
  • Be prepared. Plot out a rolling six month calendar and make sure you include any awareness days that are relevant to your business

National Awareness Days Don’ts

  • Be tenuous. Ask yourself whether National Nude Day or National Day of the Cowboy are really in line with your brand messaging and unique offering
  • Think it’s enough just to be serving e.g. gin and tonic on World Gin Day
  • Leave it too late to pitch your idea
  • Write a press release; a well-crafted email of just a few lines will be enough to sell the idea, writing a full-blown press release is a waste of time
  • Mix your awareness days. Drinking gin on a bike (World Gin Day and the start of National Bike Week coincide) is a step too far


Got any stories about how national awareness days have worked for your business? Get in touch to discuss no-nonsense PR.