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How to be awesome on Instagram: Six travel hacks from Pure Life Experiences - Dart PR
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how to be awesome on instagram

How to be awesome on Instagram: Six travel hacks from Pure Life Experiences

Wondering whether your travel business should be on Instagram or how to make the most of it? I recently attended the fantastic Matter event at Pure Life Experiences in Marrakech and was excited to see the line-up of keynote talks on Instagram and Travel Influencers. Here are just a few of the top takeaways to help get, and keep you on track.

Affluent travellers are inspired by Instagram

You’d be mistaken if you thought it was all just teenagers posting selfies on Instagram. According to Rosena Charmoy, founder of special events business Boutique Souk, latest statistics show seventy seven per cent of affluent travellers turn to Instagram for inspiration. “Instagram is the new travel distribution channel”, she said.

Amanda Ho, founder and editor in chief of Electrify Magazine agreed. “Consumers are using Instagram as a travel resource to research their next trip.”

Don’t just tell stories, give a story to tell

“Educate and motivate your followers,” advised Jesse Desjardins from Tourism Australia, one of the world’s biggest social media accounts with 2.7m Instagram followers.

“Instagram captions should create a mini story or article (don’t just state the obvious). Get as much value as possible from each post.”

Tourism Australia telling stories Instagram

Create ‘must shoot’ features and moments

Instagram is the visual message of what you’re selling. You can aid the “Instagramability” process by staging the backdrop for those perfect photos that visitors and guests want to snap and share.

“You should be creating ‘must shoot’ features at your destination or hotel to encourage influencers to capture those iconic pictures,” advised Rosena.

Riad Yasmine Instagram

“Orchestrate referrals through social media – make the guests look good, give them opportunities to take great Instagram photos,” said Jesse.

See this latest news of a hotel in the Maldives that has introduced an Instagram Butler, on hand to take guests to the most photographic spots around the island and share tips on how to snap those picture-perfect moments.

Authenticity and consistency are essential

When it comes to what makes a good image, keep it simple, advised travel blogger Reem Kanj. Think about the subject and lighting when you take the shot. Don’t use Instagram filters when editing.

“Think in terms of community building, the personality behind the channel and brand,” she said.

Instagram’s algorithm changes constantly, so in order to be successful your followers need to be consistently engaging. Build allies who will comment on your posts.

According to Amanda, “consistency of tone and style is very important.”

Work with (the right) influencers

Inviting an influencer to come and stay at your property or experience your tour can help put your business in front of a much bigger audience. But it’s not just about choosing the influencer with the largest following.

“Look at who their audience is,” said Marianna Jamadi, Instagrammer, travel photographer and writer.

“It can prove beneficial to work with micro influencers rather than simply going for someone with the biggest following. Many micro influencers will have a more loyal and engaged following, and will be more available to their audience,” she said.

Reema reiterated the importance of choosing the right influencer for your brand. “Look at their tone of voice, quality of content and relevance.” Make sure it’s a match with your own.

Nomadic Habit Instagram

Decide what constitutes a success

If you’re working with influencers, have a clear idea of what your objectives are and what constitutes a successful campaign.

“It’s ultimately about trust,” said Marianna. “If an influencer is able to produce amazing, beautiful and consistent content they will generate trust from their followers. Who will then want to follow in their footsteps.”

Rosena’s prediction is that it won’t be long before travel follows in the fashion industry’s footsteps.  Instagram users can already click on items in fashion influencers’ photographs to find out where to buy them.

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